Heat Shrink Polyester Producer

Easy to use heat shrink polyester tubing provides a quick and safe way to protect your cabling and wiring. No need for special heating equipment. For small jobs a heat gun will work, or for larger applications a heat oven will do the job. Our decades of spiral-wound tubing background ensure you receive a trustworthy product.

Heat shrink polyester is offered in a variety of shapes to conform to your product’s dimensions and required wall thickness. Every application presents its own set of challenges and we develop a tubing product that surmounts them and allows you to provide a safe, reliable product.

We also offer value-added services to your tubing products with…

  • Custom shaping.
  • Labeling and printing.
  • Combination tubing solutions for unique properties.

Partner with the experts in plastic and paper spiral wound tubing and discover how your great ideas take shape at Precision Products Group. Contact us today to get started.

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