Heat Shrink PET

Heat Shrink PET Tubing | Polyester Tubing

PET Heat Shrink Tubing, heat shrink Polyester Tubing, heat shrinkable PET, Polyethylene Teraphthalate or PET, is a superior, high dielectric insulation material that provides a tight, smooth protective covering. PET heat shrink sleeving offers a high dielectric strength for applications up to 130° C. Electrical heat shrink tubing and electrical heat shrink sleeving is typically made from PET, Hostaphan®, Melinex®, Skyrol® – polyester materials that offer a high level of strength, durability and chemical resistance.


  • thermal cut outs
  • connectors
  • capacitor insulation
  • protective cover
  • automotive
  • exhaust systems
  • fuel lines
  • brakes in aerospace

We offer a variety of plastic tubes and sleeves to provide superior wire insulation in different electrical engineering applications.  Each of our products are custom fabricated and designed to meet the unique demands of your application and performance.

Download and review the complete technical specifications in our PDF Bulletin #1.

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