Heat Shrink Mylar Facts

When you need a smooth protective covering for your wiring that provides substantial dielectric insulation, you can put your trust in heat shrink Mylar® tubing. Knowing if Mylar® heat shrinking tubing is ideal for your application can be difficult without the proper information on the properties of Mylar®.

Here’s a summary on the subject:

  • Testing with a 60Hz, 500V/sec using standard brass electrodes resulted in a typical DC dielectric resistance of 11.0 kV/mil and an AC dielectric strength of 7.0kV/mil
  • Temperatures can a slight effect on the dielectric strength. The thinner the mil the more pronounced its decrease in dielectric strength.
  • Humidity only has marginal impact on Mylar® dielectric properties.
  • AC Corona resistance is one of the highest of all plastic films. Starting just under 400 V/rms and rising proportionally to over 1,000 V/rms at 10 mil.
  • For continuous operations dealing with AC applications, impregnation can further increase the corona threshold.
For more information on its electrical properties check out the specifics on Mylar® film by DuPont.

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