Fuse & Fuse Links

Paramount Tube’s fuse and fuse links are designed to break a current flow and protect conductors, circuit components and loads. We create the fuse body portion of the overcurrent protective device and have been the sole supplier of fuse and fuse links to many leading electrical component manufacturers for nearly 40 years.


  • Vulcanized fiber
  • UL approved materials
  • Acetate
  • Kraft
  • Other outer films

We work with customer-approved drawings and material specifications to manufacture fuse and fuse links precisely for specific fusing applications and performance.

Vulcanized Fiber

Vulcanized Fiber & Acetate

Vulcanized Fiber, Kraft, & Acetate

Vulcanized Fiber, Colored Kraft, & Acetate

Vulcanized Fiber, Kraft, & Varnished

Vulcanized Fiber & Phelonic Kraft

Kraft, Mylar, & Vulcanized Fiber

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