Flare Tubes

Manufactured to tight government tolerances and with Mil-Spec approved materials, flare tubes are most commonly utilized by military contractors and civilian companies alike as essential parts in their illuminating assemblies. Most pyrotechnic flare devices use paper tubes as a main component in their construction.

Paramount Tube is an ITAR-registered supplier of spiral wound paper tubes used in munitions, countermeasures, civilian and military flares, signals and simulation devices for practice battlefield environments.

Pyrotechnic Flare Tubes

  • Many different pyrotechnic devices use paper tubes as a component in their construction.
  • Pyrotechnics range from flares to signals to simulators, providing important capabilities to the end user, such as communication, illumination, and protection.
  • Signaling:
    • Used for communication or illuminating a small area
    • Can reach heights of up to 250 meters
  • Illumination:
    • Provides protection against advanced air-to-air and surface-to-air weapon systems
  • Electronic Countermeasures – Infrared

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