Extruded Tubing in the Material and Sizes you Need

Extruded tubing can be tricky depending on the needs of the application. However, here at Precision Products Group, we have decades of experience in working with companies from all over the United States to fulfill all of their tubing needs. Since we started creating tubes, we’ve honed and refined our process to the point of perfection that it’s at now. Our extrusion capabilities are some of the finest around. This includes:

  • Creating clear or colored extruded tubing, depending on the base material that’s chosen.
  • Material choice allowing, we can create tubes with formed ends that will create the perfect vials and other containers.
  • We can easily create a single, continuous tube up to 5,000 feet in length.

With the vast amount of materials available to have tubing made from, we’re sure we can meet your requirements.Contact us today, and we’ll gladly provide you with additional information on our extruded tubing capabilities and other services that might be of assistance to you.

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