Paramount Tube has the ability to offer custom electrical insulation tubing made of a wide variety of electrical grade materials.

Materials Used

High Temperature Materials

Combination Materials 

We manufacture a complete line of custom spiral-wound components.

Motor Insulation

To protect electrical connections in motors

Transformer Insulation

Provides superior insulation in various transformer applications

Fuse & Fuse Links

Auxiliary tube construction and design support

Thermal Protectors

Offers dimensional stability and retention of mechanical and electrical properties

Capacitor Insulation

For trusted reliability in high-request electric equipment

Aerospace & Defense

To serve the industry’s demanding requirements and tight specifications

Other Insulation

Pipeline insulation Components for Isolation Flange Kits, Voice coil bobbins and speaker shims, Extruded tubing and Battery sleeve insulation

For more information, contact us. To get started on your custom electric insulation tube design, request a quote.