Economically Friendly Protective Packaging

Our decades of spiral-wound tubing experience and list of varied industries we’ve served has prepared us to help you. No matter the problems faced by your product, PPG can formulate a protective packaging solution that will keep vibration and potential crushing to an absolute minimum, and provide superior protection to most other conventional packaging options.

We can create productive packaging tubes for your shipping needs. They can be designed to easily fit in the box or crate to fill empty spaces and hold the product in place. Since they are tubes, you can easily fill in odd spaces that could allow dangerous jostling. Another benefit is that since they are tubes, they help to reinforce the sides and middle of the boxes to provide for even more stability.

For more information on how our spiral-wound tubes can help you create a superior protective packaging solution, please give us a call today. We’ll be more than happy to look at your requirements, and work with you to get the safest packaging protection around.

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