Custom Dielectric Insulation Tubing Solutions

Protecting your induction motor with the proper electrical motor insulation ensures expected motor life. PPG is your electrical motor insulation expert. Our spiral-wound tubing insulation solutions for electrical motors are some of the best. Our decades of insulation solutions and dedicated staff provide economical products with the proper dielectric properties to protect your motor.

Ideal for many induction motor applications such as motor winding insulation, we determine the insulation class you need and provide a solution that has the dielectric properties you require. Give us vital characteristics like ambient temperature and expected temperature rise, and we do the rest. Don’t just get a comprehensive electric motor insulation product, forge a partnership.

Innovative insulation products are just a part of what we do. When you partner with us you get a number of other useful services including:

Contact Precision Products Group (PPG) – experts in spiral-wound tubing solutions.

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