Custom Capabilities

As our long-time customers will attest to, few precision tube manufacturers offer the incredible range of capabilities we provide, which includes:

Custom Shapes

Spiral wound tubing, half-round, triangular, elliptical, trapezoid, square with rounded corners

Extruded Tubing

Materials include acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), friction-coated ABS or HIPS, nylon 12, polyamide nylon, polyethylene (PE) – high/low density, polycarbonate, polypropylene (PP), copolymer, polypropylene homopolymer, polystyrene (PS)

High Temperature Tubing

Nomex® tube, CeQUIN® / CorQUIN®, plus material combinations like Kraft / PET / Kraft or paper tubes with an acetate wrap

Dip and Bake

Ideal for electrical applications that require high-temperature resistance, dielectric strength, and structural integrity; variety of materials can be used

Vulcanized Fiber

Vulcanized Fiber (called Fish Paper in electrical grades) is a durable, chemically pure cellulose product that contains no resin or bonding agents. It offers flexibility, impact and temperature resistance, high tear strength and a smooth, abrasion resistant surface. With such high mechanical strength, it can be machined, punched, slit, threaded, formed, molded and wound into tubes for literally countless applications.

Plastic Tubing

Heat shrink PET (polyester), Kapton® (polyimide), PEN (polyethylene napthalate film), ABS, polystyrene, etc

Paper Tubing

Dielectric Kraft, vulcanized fiber (fish paper), Kraft, bond, parchment, decorative colors, foil liners, etc.

Phenolic Tubing

Dielectric Kraft paper that’s been pre-impregnated with a special phenolic resin & cured

More Custom Capabilities

  • Sealed TubingLateral-seal, heat-stabilized PET, disk-and-roll, heat-sealed, flute-end, and ultrasonic sealing
  • Printing: options include in-line printing, winding tubes with pre-printed paper, labels applied to already manufactured tubes; ink/paper colors can be matched to virtually any PMS color
  • Cutting, slitting, and notching
  • Finishing: including de-burring, slitting, notching, punching and creating U-channels
  • End closures: drawn caps, formed-end caps, inverted caps, disk-and-roll, rolled ends, curled, capped, flared, conical-formed, flat ends, flute ends, ferral ends, protective paper caps/plugs/tubes, paint masking caps, wire-splice end caps, thermal forming
  • Waxing: can provide an additional barrier to moisture and enhanced dimensional stability; wax-dipping possible at both high temperature and low temperature
  • Closed-end tubing: sonic-sealed, disk-and-roll, heat-sealed and flute-end
  • Secondary operations: precision-cut lengths, de-burring, printed tubes and products, wire markers, formed-end tubes, punched parts, protective paper caps/plugs/tubes, etc.
  • Precision slitting: to produce tight tolerances on small widths
  • Heat-shrinkable PET: an ultra-thin-walled, heat-shrink-polyester (PET), lay-flat tubing that delivers both high dielectric protection and physical toughness
  • Tooling
  • Multi-layer tubing two or more material combinations that may include Kapton®/Nomex® tubing , Nomex®/polyester, Kapton®/FEP, foil/Kraft, polyester/nylon, and other materials for specific applications
  • Interleave Sheeting: used in various other electrical insulation

With a unique custom engineering process that helps you improve product quality and reduce costs, we’ve become a trusted partner to many major manufacturers in the electrical, medical, packaging, automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

What can we create for you today? Let us know here.