Check out the Transformer Insulation Tubes that are a Perfect Match for your Application

When it comes to transformer insulation, you don’t want to let an inferior product affect the service life of the equipment. In order for a transformer to perform at its peak efficiency, it needs to be able to stand up to the heat that will be generated. We here at PPG are able to provide you with the finest insulation that you can get.

Our rich history with spiral-wound tubing has allowed us to create the best transformer insulation in the materials that are going to be the perfect fit for your application. We’re able to work with materials such as dielectric Kraft, Cequin, Nomex, and vulcanized fibre. Each of these types of insulation provides something specific, and we’ll work with your team to ensure that you get the best match.

By talking with you and getting all the details of your application, we’ll be able to put together a transformer insulation solution that’ll be custom created to meet your average winding temperature rise, be able to handle the mass of the transformer’s core, and the expected service life your transformer will reach.

Contact us today for more information on all of our transformer insulation solutions. We’re positive we can help you.

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