Battery Sleeve Insulation

The entire range of plastic and paper insulation from Precision Products Group (PPG) can be spiral-wound to form battery sleeve insulation. Spiral wound tubes are more beneficial due to their thin walls and superior thermal conductivity. They also offer precise inside diameter and wall-thickness tolerances as well as high dielectric and lightweight capabilities. The different materials used to create spiral wound battery insulation sleeves are…

  • Mylar
  • Electrical Kraft
  • PET NS – No Shrink Polyester Sleeving
  • PET LS – Low Shrink Polyester Sleeving
  • PET HS – Heat Shrink Polyester Sleeving
The battery sleeve insulation from PPG is created by forming one end of the tubing using a heated or mechanical process to create a “stop” that will hold a battery when inserted. These battery insulation sleeves can be used for…
  • Automotive Applications
  • Appliances
  • Battery Tubes & Sleeves
  • Electronics
  • Electronic Motors
  • Electronic Generators
  • Military Applications
  • Power Equipment
  • Variety of Wires
  • Assortment of Cables
Our battery sleeve insulations can also be used for custom battery applications for medical, military, and other uses by shrinking groups of cells together in a series.

For more information on battery sleeve insulation from PPG, contact us today.

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