Battery Sleeve Insulation Solutions from PPG

Battery insulation needs are about as vast and variable as the industries that need them. Here at PPG, we’ve worked diligently over the years to create some of the best batter sleeve insulation tubes available on the market today. This has turned us into the experts that businesses all over the United States turn to when they have a need. This is a fantastic achievement, and something that we can put to work for you.

There are many different materials that we can utilize to provide you with the perfect insulation for your battery sleeve. It primarily relies on the type of environmental factors that your application is going to be facing. These materials include things like dielectric kraft, vulcanized fibre, mylar, and many many others. We can mix and match materials in order to get the exact battery sleeve insulation, as well.

So no matter if you’re working in the automotive industry, working with appliances, or any number of power generating and handling industries, we here at PPG can help you. Contact us today, and we’ll get you set up with a meeting with our engineers. They’ll discuss with you your application requirements, make recommendations, and get you the battery sleeve insulation that you need in no time flat.

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