Ampoule Packaging for every Industry

Ampoules are typically extremely vulnerable to damage and breaking. This is why most industries that use them on a regular basis look for ampoule protective packaging to help prevent damage. Here at Precision Products Group, we can create the perfect ampoule packaging that you require. We do this by utilizing our spiral-wound tubing process to create a package that has a much higher strength and resistance than your typical tube.

No matter if you’re in the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, or cosmetics field, our ampoule packaging is the best you’ll find. It makes for the perfect protective cover for chemical drug tests, pharmaceutical preparations, first-aid preps, and many more applications. Depending on the compound being stored in the ampoule, we have the right material to fit the task. We can create ampoule packaging out of everything from polyester films, aluminum foils, acetates, grease-proof papers, and many more.

If you’re looking for the ability to have a crushable ampoule tube, we’ve created these for clients as well. This allows for the safe distribution of your compound to the intended target area, such as a cotton tip. These are commonly used for swabs and other similar products. This keeps your customers safe from the broken glass and makes it simple to use.

Contact us today for more information on any of our spiral-wound tubing solutions, or for more information on how we can create the perfect ampoule package for your needs.

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