Aerospace & Defense

Munitions and pyrotechnics

Paramount Tube has the knowledge and experience needed to adhere to the tight specifications and requirements demanded by aerospace and defense industry applications. We are proud to meet specific electrical, thermal, mechanical, regulatory and environmental criteria for both commercial and military use. As an ITAR-registered supplier with focused attention to detail and the ability to hold critical specification tolerances, we’ve earned the trust of the government, defense contractors and aerospace manufacturers. Our unique high and low temperature products for electrical and electronic components provide critical insulation to electric motors, transformers, sensors and modules used in both commercial and military products.

Paramount manufactures various sleeves for use in artillery and other munitions applications. These parts are designed and produced to tight specifications, utilizing our knowledge of government requirements. With ITAR certification and a proven track record, we are a perfect fit for demanding military applications.

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  • Dielectric Kraft
  • Phenolic Kraft
  • Vulcanized Fiber (fishpaper)
  • Nomex®
  • CorQUIN® / CeWUIN®
  • Polyester film
  • Acetate
  • Polyimide


For more information on our custom tubing capabilities for aerospace and defense applications, contact the Paramount Tube team.