Advantages of Spiral-Wound Automotive Electronics Solutions

Precision Products Group (PPG) has the spiral-wound tubing capabilities required to tackle your toughest automotive electronics applications. Whether you need electrical insulation or something more robust, the engineers at PPG have you covered.

There are many advantages to using a spiral wound tube solution. Its self-supporting design can function as a spacer in addition to its primary role as an insulator. Custom wall thicknesses are easily achieve and at a cost that is less then over methods such as molds or extrusion. With applications where space is at a minimum, spiral-wound tubing is a perfect fit.

Other advantages include:

  • Combinations of high performance films to achieve high dielectric strength, resistance to abrasion or chemicals
  • Short set-up time allows for short lead times and JIT ordering
  • Semi-rigid tubing is easier to work with and assemble than most alternatives

Contact PPG for a product sampling, ask for more information, or to get started.

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