Additional Custom Capabilities

More Custom Capabilities

  • Ultrasonic weldingLateral-seal, heat-stabilized PET
  • Printing: options include in-line printing, winding tubes with pre-printed paper, labels applied to already manufactured tubes; ink/paper colors can be matched to virtually any PMS color
  • Cutting, slitting, and notching
  • Finishing: including de-burring, slitting, notching, punching and creating U-channels
  • End closures: drawn caps, formed-end caps, inverted caps, disk-and-roll, rolled ends, curled, capped, flared, conical-formed, flat ends, flute ends, ferral ends, protective paper caps/plugs/tubes, paint masking caps, wire-splice end caps, thermal forming
  • Waxing: can provide an additional barrier to moisture and enhanced dimensional stability; wax-dipping possible at both high temperature and low temperature
  • Closed-end tubing: sonic-sealed, disk-and-roll, heat-sealed and flute-end
  • Secondary operations: precision-cut lengths, de-burring, printed tubes and products, wire markers, formed-end tubes, punched parts, protective paper caps/plugs/tubes, etc.
  • Precision slitting: to produce tight tolerances on small widths
  • Heat-shrinkable PET: an ultra-thin-walled, heat-shrink-polyester (PET), lay-flat tubing that delivers both high dielectric protection and physical toughness
  • Tooling
  • Multi-layer tubing two or more material combinations that may include Kapton®/Nomex® tubing , Nomex®/polyester, Kapton®/FEP, foil/Kraft, polyester/nylon, and other materials for specific applications
  • Interleave Sheeting: used in various other electrical insulation

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